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    One Six-Years

    In Collaboration with Li Xiaofei

    On May 20th, 2011, on their way to JFK airport, Li Xiaofei and Bo Wang had a conversation about the notion of time and the tie between individuals. In the pop imagination of the ancient China, the notion of time is romantically vague but the human bond is always stronger to overcome the inconvenience of that vagueness. For instance, scholars decide to meet under a certain tree when the flowers blossom in the year they passed the court exam. Li and Wang decided to carry an experiment. They agreed to meet six years from then on, at Anthology Film Archives in East Village Manhattan to watch a film. The agreement was not supposed to be documented, nor could it exist in any electronic form, including google canlendar, or any other reminders. In the following six years, Li and Wang were not supposed to discuss the project, nor to even mention the existence of it, to other people or within themselves.

    On May 20th, 2017, Li and Wang met up early afternoon in East Village for other reasons. They had different memories of what time they were supposed to meet: Li thought it’s 18:00, while Wang thought it’s 14:00. They ended up watching a Serbian film at 18:30 in Anthology Film Archives, The Way Steel Was Tempered (1988), directed by Želimir Žilnik.

    After the film, Li and Wang discussed the other possibilities of “Two Six-Years” project. Anyone who’d be interested to participate, please send an email to

    Ode to Infrastructure
    Ode to Infrastructure
    Ode to Infrastructure
    Ode to Infrastructure
    Ode to Infrastructure
    Ode to Infrastructure