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  • Heteroscapes
  • Brother Sharp Arrives Home
  • China Concerto
  • We Landed/I was Born/Passing by
  • Postcards from the Future
  • A Sip of Mao
  • Spectrum, or the Singapore Dan Flavin
  • Traces of an Invisible City
  • The Wangs
  • Ode to Infrastructure
  • One Six-Years
  • Miasma, Plants, Export Paintings
  • Murmuring Debris & Leaves Silently Fall
  • Many Undulating Things
  • The Orbit
  • Song for the Dreamless
  • BIO



    Traces of an Invisible City: Three Notes on Hong Kong
    HD | 70min | 2016

    A film by Pan Lu and Bo Wang

    Produced by Kyungmi Kim | Co-produced by Park Chi-hyun
    BÖC Features Production | Ulsan MBC Co-production | Supported by DMZ Docs Fund

    Official Selections
    2019 Seoul Biennale of Architecture and Urbanism, South Korea
    2019 Essay Film Festival, Institute of Contemporary Art, London
    2017 Autonomous Cinema, Hong Kong
    2017 Tales of Our Time, The Guggenheim Museum, New York
    2016 Asian Competition, DMZ Int'l Documentary Film Festival, South Korea

    The film presents urban space in Hong Kong as a vivid showcase of the hidden logics of globalization, capitalism and historical changes of today’s world cities. The film contains three chapters that is parallel to but interwoven with each other: global, local and border space. The film examines a series of urban landscapes in Hong Kong to illustrate the tension among their visual existence, function and ownership, and how the city’s public space has been constructed, used, owned and interpreted.

    • The Exhibition
    Art Basel Hong Kong holds at the Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Center, a building built in 1997 on reclaimed land solely to host the sovereignty handover ceremony. A historically politicized space, is now today’s enclave of global capital.

    • The Streets
    Does history ever come back in the same face? Between Sep to Dec 2014, citizens in Hong Kong had taken over streets to demonstrate for democracy, which is widely known as the umbrella movement. The streets had been rendered into a platform of expression, whether it was political or just personal.

    • The North Side
    A reversed historical gaze. Hong Kong is bordered by Shenzhen from the north, a city built from scratch in only 30 years by the Beijing government.

    The Exhibition
    The Exhibition
    The Exhibition
    The Exhibition
    The Exhibition
    The Exhibition
    The Streets
    The Streets
    The Streets
    The Streets
    The Streets
    The North Side
    The North Side
    The North Side
    The North Side
    The North Side

    The project is also available in installation format.