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  • Heteroscapes
  • Brother Sharp Arrives Home
  • China Concerto
  • We Landed/I was Born/Passing by
  • Postcards from the Future
  • A Sip of Mao
  • Spectrum, or the Singapore Dan Flavin
  • Traces of an Invisible City
  • The Wangs
  • Ode to Infrastructure
  • One Six-Years
  • Miasma, Plants, Export Paintings
  • Murmuring Debris & Leaves Silently Fall
  • Many Undulating Things
  • BIO



    The Wangs
    HD video | 40min | 2016

    Official Selection
    2017 Tales of Our Time, Guggenheim Museum, New York

    The World Wang Clan Association was about to have its 12th convention in Nov 2015 in Chongqing, China. As the most common surname in ethnic Chinese all over the world, it was estimated to comprise around 15% of the population in Mainland China. The clan identity thus has become difficult to define due to its universality. This documentary followed the 12th World Wang Clan Convention, trying to observe how such kind of community was perceived and imagined, while how meanings were generated out of meaninglessness.

    Bo Wang

    Camera Assistant
    Zhang Hanshu

    Zhangbolong Liu
    Bo Wang

    Graphic Design
    Helen Zhai