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    Bo Wang

    Extra Footage
    Simin Zhang

    Bo Wang

    Editorial Consultant
    Grahame Weinbren

    Bo Wang

    Scripts Consultant
    Richard Leslie

    Gabriela Jaime

    Voice-over Recording & Mixing
    Fashion Beat Team Studio, Madrid, Spain

    Voices of Conversation
    Feng Lu, Huafeng Xie

    Graphic design
    Helen Huanwu Zhai, Haiyan Zhang

    Special Acknowledgement
    Richard Leslie, Charles Traub, Grahame Weinbren

    Ed Bowes, Aaron Chan, Yuchuang Chao, Haiying Chen, Anne Collines, Danielle Fairbairn, Cristina Fernandez, Marvin Heiferman, Lin Gu, Chloe Hu, Vivian Lee, Michelle Leftheriz, Zhiya Li, Shiyuan Liu, Hui Kong, Manuel Molina Martagon, Mary Patierno, Lyle Rexer, Heather Renee Russ, Hanzhang Shen, Shelly Silver, Amy Taubin, Raul Gomez Valverde, Amanda Wallace, Yong Wang, Leigh Wells, Bo Wong, Haoyang Yan, Changhong Yang, Yimin Yang, Han Zeng, Chao Zhao, Quan Zhou, Ye Zhu

    MFA Photographt, Video and Related Media, School of Visual Arts, New York, USA; Authentic Vision LLC, Shenzhen, China

    North American Distribution
    Icarus Films/dGenerate Films